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Core Capabilities

  • Does your current service provider handle your delinquent and charge-off accounts?
  • Do you have any concerns regarding compliance with your current provider?
  • Are you satisfied with your liquidation results, including back office and internal reporting support ?
  • Does your service provider have additional industry expertise outside of debt collections?
  • Does your service provider offer full lifecycle pre and post collections and litigation execution capabilities?

Current Events

Buyers Clamor for European Distressed Debt Nobody Wanted – Businessweek

The number of funds in the region’s distressed debt market doubled to 200 in the past two years as money managers seek to boost returns in a world of record-low interest rates,..  Read more …

Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Has Purchased Nearly $4 Million in Student Debt – VICE News

Occupy Wall Street Offshoot Has Purchased Nearly $4 Million in Student DebtVICE NewsStarting at the end of 2012, through the Rolling Jubilee project Strike Debt began purchasing medical debt for thousands of people, since buying more …Read more …

MARK CUBAN: The Student Loan Bubble Is ‘No Different’ Than The Housing … – Business Insider

Business InsiderMark Cuban says the student loan bubble is “no different” than the housing bubble that we saw burst in the last decade. Speaking in an interview … Read more …

Bringing Efficiency To Corporate Cash Management –

As technology continues to evolve, corporate treasurers are faced with increasing options for managing company finances, but no clear rubric to pick between those strategies …
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Fed has not ruled out asset sales if needed, Williams says – Reuters

Fed President John Williams told a group of business leaders in Las Vegas that the Fed could raise rates more quickly if the economy starts to overheat, … Read more …